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    Isagenix Athletes Susan Sly 

    Eleven years ago she was handed a diagnosis of Progressive MS along with which she was told she’d be in a wheelchair in ten years and dead in twenty!

    Directly thereafter, she was abandoned, lost her business, left homeless and flat broke!

    On Monday, SUSAN SLY, mother of four, wife of one, author, speaker and self-made millionaire, completed her third Boston Marathon with a sub-four hour time…  on the hottest day in the marathon’s history!

    Congratulations Susan!! Never, never, never, never give up!

    ♥ TOTAL ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

    Oh, and she’s fueled by the best nutrition on the planet! ISAGENIX!!!

    ; ) – (Email ME WHEN YOU ARE READY TO LEARN ABOUT IT! or visit our Isagenix website:

    Just finished my 3rd Boston Marathon!

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    Fitness The NATURAL Way Isagenix With Fitness Champion Lori Harder 

    Fitness The NATURAL Way…

    Isagenix With Fitness Champion Lori Harder!!

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    Your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now 

    Obstacles are those things you see when you are

    taking your eyes off your goals!

    Today is Day 5 of the Total Transformation Challenge.  So far, we have talked a lot about Obsticals.  They are ALL the things that in the past have gotten in your way and Stopped You From Reaching Your Goals.


    ALL that is in past!!!

    Now it’s time for change!

    It’s essential that you recognize how your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now.  If you are not really happy with where you are in regards to your health right now, consider that thousands of people, including the belly above have already changed their lives as a result of implementing the rules of this challenge.

    You Can Transform Your Way of Thinking and YOUR Health!

    Some of you have avoided a lot of the common obstacles this week and you are already getting results.  Congratulations!!!  It’s important that we CELEBRATE Successes.  So, please respond to this email.  Give us your biggest success stories so far!  We will share these stories with the group and your triumph may inspire someone else in the group to stick with it!

    We also want to hear about how Todays Task is going. Have you found an example of someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish?   Remember, that person is ‘living proof’ that it can be done!  Who’s story and or picture is on your fridge?

    Tomorrows Task:  Be True To The Cleanse!

    Cleanse Day Directions:

    1/2 Cup Cleanse 4 life X 4 or if you are using the powder 2 scoops with 8oz of H2O X 4

    *Optional: Sprinkle Cleanse for Life with Want More Energy

    *Drink lots of Water.  80oz per day is the goal!

    AM 1/2 1 – 2 ounces Ionix Supreme (Not included in the 9 day)

    8:00 cup Cleanse for Life and Nat. Accelerator

    9:00 Isagenix Snack (Optional)

    10:00 Isagenix Snack

    11:00 1/2 cup Cleanse for Life

    12:00 Isagenix Snack

    1:00 Isagenix Snack and Nat Accelerator

    2:00 1/2 cup Cleanse for Life

    3:00 Isagenix Snack

    4:00 Isagenix Snack (Optional)

    5:00 1/2 cup Cleanse for Life

    6:00 Isagenix Snack

    7:00 Isagenix Snack

    9:00 IsaFlush (Not included in the 9 day)

    Note: Do I use almonds on a cleanse day?  YES!  2-3 every 2 hours.  How about a hard boiled egg or a few slices of organic apple?  Sometimes!  BUT…

    John Anderson – The Guy Who Invented Isagenix Speaks About Snacking on an Isagenix Cleanse Day

    The cleanse can be taken daily for cleansing in a milder way along with foods, and it works. The power of the ingredients and minerals change lives every day. Even if a person never deep cleansed, they are much better off than 99.9% of the world. Daily cleansers should not be ashamed if they never deep cleanse.

    The original deep cleanse for 48 hours is the backbone of this system and adding slim cakes, eggs, chocolate, salad, etc is totally wrong.  I’ll never condoned this.

    THE DEEP CLEANSE is very good for the serious health seekers who care about their health and want to live longer with a better quality of life. “It’s The Ultimate Cleanse”

    The Isagenix Snacks were developed exactly for cleansing and for those who have low blood sugar.

    You can also add a slice or two of an apple or pear for the carbohydrates if you need more glucose.

    If people are not serious about cleansing, then they can eat everything but the kitchen sink, but don’t come back and tell Isagenix the system did not work. These are the sissy wanabee’s cleanser.

    It’s tough but please do not add foods simply for the craving sensation. Cravings do not last more than a day and overcoming them is taking control of your life! Slim Cakes, celery, cucumbers, eggs, or a small green salad are ok for daily cleansing but not for deep cleanse days.

    I do enjoy your questions and want to say thanks!


    Encouragement for today:

    Name: Holly DeMott

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Age: 33

    Height: 5’6.5”

    Was: 231 pounds

    Lost: 90 pounds* and 7 dress sizes*

    Holly Sheds Business Suits For Freedom & Bikinis

    For years, Holly hid behind her business suit. The jacket covered the places she didn’t want to show and the power she felt wearing it made up for the insecurity she felt on the inside.

    Weighing 242 pounds,* she always knew that the person who showed up at the office wasn’t the “real” Holly, who was a formerly athletic “popular girl” in high school. But her false reality never sunk in deep enough for her to recognize how far away she had strayed away from her former, confident self.

    Then, she discovered Isagenix® while maintaining her high-stress (and high-paying) job in the corporate environment and became curious about the business side. She admits she was actually grateful when she was laid off from her job so she could pursue her Isagenix business full time.

    Unfortunately, while she often lost 20 pounds* on the products here or there, she still never believed that she could create a lasting, transformative change and accomplish her health and weight-loss goals.

    Frustrated that her business seemed to be stalling, Holly turned to an Isagenix Beyond Courage personal development course with Chief Training Officer and Senior Vice President David Wood. It was there that she had her “light bulb moment.”

    “He told me ‘Holly, when you decide to lose the weight and be a product of the product, your business will explode,” recalls Holly of Minnesota, who was a 1-Star Silver Circle at the time. “I thought for a minute and realized that he was right.”

    Little did she realize that by simply committing to the products under the pretense of growing her business that she would literally change the course of her life for good and rediscover her formerly confident self.

    After committing to the 2010 IsaBody Challenge®, Holly hired a personal trainer who worked with many fitness competitors and was one herself, Lori H. Taking each day as it came, she focused on the products, listened to popular advice shared by top leaders such as Susan S. and began to watch as the scale dip backwards 10 pounds at a time, until she reached 52 pounds* lost during the Challenge. But, she still had one more goal to accomplish that she never thought was possible: compete in a fitness competition…in a bikini.

    “I decided in January that I could have the bikini body I wanted and could look hot in one,” shares Holly. “When I competed, it was a dream. I never thought in a million years I’d be doing a bikini competition.”

    She stuck to a strict training regimen that included running up to 15 miles a day, helping her to even overcome her previously-held belief that she disliked running.

    “I’ve never really been a runner, but now I’m a runner,” admits Holly. “Now I’ll be out running and literally do a check—does my body hurt? No. Am I breathing hard? No. That means I need to keep going. I really feel it’s because of the products.”

    When she finally walked across the stage in a teeny-bikini at her fitness competition in Florida, she says the experience was “awesome.” Now she’s committed to competing in even more fitness competitions and already plans to do another one in a few months in Las Vegas.

    Now 90 pounds lighter and seven dress sizes smaller,* Holly says she was able to cut out toxic relationships along the way and realize that she was also her own biggest critic and needed to drop her negative self-talk. The dream board she has posted in her room features the toned, athletic physique of a fitness model (accomplished) and the goal to reach 5 Star Golden Circle (now at a 3 Star Golden Circle).

    Crowned the 2010 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner and the first-ever female winner, Holly says she’s proud of what she’s accomplished and knows she’s on the pathway to accomplishing and creating even bigger dreams.

    “My world has literally changed,” says Holly. “Everything that has happened has given me the confidence to do what I want and make it happen.”

    Don’t forget we want to hear about your triumphs and success so far.  So, please email your updates to   Your story could help encourage someone else!  -LVDT

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    5 Steps To Take That Will Fast Track Your Isagenix Business 

    The information we want to send you is intended to help Fast Track You and Your Isagenix Business.  Some things will resinate with you.  Some won’t.  Don’t worry, not everyone will succeed in the business in the same way.  It’s our goal to help you succeed in Your Own Way!   Below you will find 5 Steps to Get You Started.  Let us know if you have questions or need help and share this info with your new business builders as well.

    If you would like to get these training emails, you MUST be a Member of the Living Dream Team.  If you are, Email now and we will put you on the ‘The A(wesome) List’.


    Step 1 We want to make sure that we share all the Isagenix information with you that you’ll need to be successful.

    Because you are interested in the business as well as products we want to show you how it all works.

    We are going to give you the basics and we can build from there.  Please ask if you have questions.

    This will show you step by step – How to start Your Isagenix Business and get paid fast.

    Step 2  These will help you set goals and go for additional bonuses!

    Step 3  These should fill in any gaps in your ‘education’.

    Following these steps will walk you through, “How to make Money with Isagenix.”

    Rank advancement and what will they mean to you in Dollars:

    Compensation Plan Details:

    Who Gets Paid in Isagenix and How Much:

    How to Make 3K in 30 Days

    Step 4    To start an Isagenix Business all you need to do is Sign Up with $29 Membership.

    Then order a minimum of 100 in BV (Business Volume).  The 9 Day and 30 Day Programs each full-fill this requirement and are Isagenix’s two most popular and effective programs for product users.

    Business builders often have different needs.  Below you will find recommendations for business enrollments.  They will be great starter kits for you and your business partners and they will help you get paid daily in addition to weekly!

    Step 5 is a comprehensive business training that will cover all aspects of building an Isagenix business, giving you the essential steps you need to succeed, and the reasons to take each of these steps. After you complete each step, press the email button and email your support team your results. This ensures your team is aware of your goals, results and aspirations. After you have completed the 10 Steps to Success Training system keep learning, growing and attend an Isagenix event.  You can learn where and when in your back office.

    Welcome to the LVDT!

    -Gabby & Bryan Gmyrek

    Isagenix Top Recruiters & LVDT Leaders

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    Boost Your Odds of Living Healthier Longer 

    Isagenix is asking you this Question:

    Ready to live long, look good, and stay healthy, vibrant and young?

    The Answer:

    Discover how you can start your Isagenix® transformation today. Take your first step towards living longer, feeling younger and looking great. Watch and learn as “Telomeres and Aging” expose the root causes of aging, explain the scientific breakthrough of telomeres in the aging process, and illustrate how Isagenix® Whole Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing and Youthful Aging systems can help boost your odds of living healthier longer.

    Watch this Video NOW:  It will Change Your Life!

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    Day 4 If you want to control the direction of your life, you must consistently make good decisions 

    It’s Day 4 of the Total Transformation Challenge and today we want to encourage you to make Change Happen in your  life!  Only you can make transformation happen.  NO One Else Can Do This For You!

    Today’s Task:

    Is to Gather your Support Team.  How are you doing?  It’s an important step to take so don’t let it pass you by.  Let at least 3 people know what you ar doing and ask them to help keep you focused.

    Tomorrow’s Task will also be important.  Friday is our last Shake Day before we go on to a 2 Day Cleanse and it’s the perfect time to set clear goals that will help you “Stick To It”.

    Note:  It’s important to prepare for your first Cleanse Day by making sure you have the right snacks in your house, such as organic apples, hard boiled eggs and unsalted almonds. Another tip: You may want to limit (maybe just do cardio) your exercise this weekend; instead just relax a little and allow your body to be fully engaged in cleansing.

    Start by reviewing your numbers and be very clear about ‘Your Why’?  

    What do you want to happen?

    I joined the  Challenge to __________________________________________________________________

    My goal is to reach my target weight of _______________ and lose ________________ lbs by the end of the Challenge – May 14th.

    I want to improve my current level of wellness in this/these areas:

    Exercise     Stress    Sleep   Lean Muscle Mass    Bad Habits   Energy Level   Relationships    Weight Loss   Other __________________

    Take time to write down your answers to the questions above.  Know your ‘how much, by when’ numbers and then…

    Find an example of someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish.  If you want to lose fat and get in great shape, find someone who was in your present condition and notice what they were able to achieve.  That person is ‘living proof’ that it can be done!  You can do this, but having them will help you keep your focus!  Put their and or story picture on your fridge!!!

    There are people, just like you that have reached their goal just by making a few simple changes.  How are you doing?  Are you “Sticking To It”?  Today, we would like to share with you one real-life testimonial from someone who was struggling with health and weight, until they found a way.

    Watch this – Please!

    You will laugh or cry for her, but it will change your life! She is all the proof you need!

     ”I never had an after picture.” -Jill   

    As you listen to stories like this, you’ll learn that for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and has failed, you don’t have to fail again!  YOU CAN DO THIS!

    All those people with success stories had tried diets, workshops and health programs with short-term results—or worse, no results and or negative side effects. But, they kept trying, they kept trying until they found something that worked!  Isagenix is not the only plan that works, but it does work, and here is why; Isagenix works because because it is a complete system with vital nutrients that help cleanse away impurities and replenish health allowing your body to function as the miracle it was intended to be!

    To find your mentor’s success story, click here —we hope you will be inspired to Create Your Own Success Story!

    And… Just a motivational reminder! TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE and MEASUREMENTS if you haven’t already!  It will be important TO YOU to have those at the end of the Total Transformation Challenge so that you can see how far you have come.  Get it Done!

    Tips for today:

    1.  Continue cutting out nutritionally deficient foods from your diet. The cleaner your diet the easier it will be for you to get great results.  Now is also a great time to begin to work towards 20 minutes of exercise, 80 oz of water, and 8 hours of sleep EVERYDAY!  Get those SMILES on your tracking sheets!

    2.  Don’t forget to track your progress on the tracking sheets.  If you still need tracking sheets, please email  Keep your Challenge Tracking Sheets and Directions handy and don’t forget to visit for recipes, coaching, product information and much, much more!

    3.  “Stick To It!”  To get the best results possible, stay as true to the plan as you can. Follow the rules!  

    Focus on victory

    Today, when your thoughts turn toward the challenges you face, think about success. Keep in mind that thousands of people have have made a decision to transform their lives, break bad habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  You are following in the footsteps of people just like you, that were ready to commit and they Stuck To It!. Listen to stories of real people who have experinced incredible health benefits. Click here.

    4.  Try to stay focused on being healthy, not on becoming thin.  Many people become more successful when their motivation changes from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier. Change your mindset to think about selecting foods that will help your body’s health rather than worrying about foods that will affect your body’s weight.

    5. Know that It Is Your Choice



    By Tony Robbins – Take control of your decisions and your life with these strategies.


    What is the single force that shapes the quality of our lives?


    What power do we have that can change everything? As you and I both know, the answer is the power of choice.


    During the past 30 years I’ve had the privilege of working with an incredibly diverse group of people, from presidents of countries to professional athletes, from managers to moms, from gang members to high-powered business executives.  I’ve had the unique opportunity to see people in the midst of real challenges, whether it’s the professional athlete who wants to regain his competitive edge, the business leader who wants to expand her influence or the political leader who struggles with a difficult decision.  I may not have all the answers (who does?), but after working with so many people and observing the patterns that make them succeed or fail, one thing I am sure of is this: It is our decisions, not our conditions, that determine the quality of our lives.


    Take a look at your own life. Are you where you want to be?  Are you as healthy or financially secure or as happy in your relationships as you would like to be?  Or, even if things are going well, are you looking for that extra edge to retain the competitive advantage?  Perhaps you feel that in spite of your success, there’s more out there for you, but for some reason, you haven’t grasped it yet.  Your first instinct may be to blame the economy, or the housing market, or someone who has treated you unfairly.


    Before we go any further, we need to understand that we are where we are today because of the decisions we’ve made, decisions about what to focus on, decisions about where to place our priorities, decisions about what things mean and decisions about what to do.  For example, if your business or career has been affected by the recession, do you feel that you are being punished or challenged to find a new path?  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to give up or give more?  No matter what we have experienced in the past, our history is not our destiny, we all have the power to make new decisions today.


    Here’s another way to look at it: Success is a result of good judgment; good judgment is a result of experience, in most cases. And what about experience? Yes, experience is most often a result of bad judgment.


    So here’s the good news: The experience gained from bad judgment and bad decisions is unbelievably valuable, it’s priceless!  So don’t waste time beating yourself up over poor decisions you’ve made; learn from the experiences.  Really, failure is actually one of the best ways we learn.  When people succeed, they celebrate.  When they fail, they ponder.  They stop and think, What happened here?  What could I have done differently? It’s only through self-evaluation that we learn how to make better decisions.  So, when you make mistakes, learn from them; use your experience to improve your judgment and make better decisions.


    The Path to Freedom—Financial or Otherwise

    We’re living in extraordinarily difficult times.  Every day we read about and experience more challenges, often related to things we can’t control, whether it’s the economy, the environment or unemployment.  We can allow the stress and uncertainty caused by these events to overwhelm us or we can transform our lives by making different decisions.


    One of the decisions we can make is to live with a mindset of abundance.  What I mean by this is if we live as though wealth has more to do with what’s in our minds than what’s in our wallets, if we understand that how we feel is more important than what we have, we can discover an immense sense of freedom and happiness.


    Think about it: Do you know anyone who has a lot of money but doesn’t feel free, doesn’t feel loved, doesn’t feel like he has a choice?  Sure you do.  You may even feel that way yourself.  That feeling happens when you’re not in control of your emotions because you’re looking for someone or something external to fill internal needs.


    I don’t care what you’ve achieved or how much money you’ve earned, if you live with an attitude of scarcity and limitation, if you wait for someone or something else to fulfill you, you’re not going to be happy.  You must make the decision to live with a mentality of abundance, and you will experience true freedom.


    It’s Your Time

    Everything that happens in your life – what you’re thrilled with and what you’re challenged by – began with a decision. Your life is the outcome of the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken as a result of those decisions.  Different decisions produce different results.


    If you want to control the direction of your life, you must consistently make good decisions.  It’s not what you do once in a while that has an impact on the direction of your life – it’s what you do consistently.  Make decisions today about how you are going to live in the years to come.  For your decisions to really make a difference in your life it’s imperative to decide what results you’re committed to – and know specifically how these results will transform your life.  It’s equally critical to decide what kind of person you’re committed to becoming.  Get clear about what you want to be, do and have, and what your life will be like after you accomplish this.  With that clarity, you’ll find it becomes easier to make the kinds of decisions that will move you in the direction you desire.


    What are your standards? What will you demand from life?  Decide today if you’ll accept life as it is or if you’ll live your life on your own terms, at the edge and at the highest level.


    We Know YOU Can Do This!

    -Your LVDT  (LiVingDreamTeam)

    Isagenix Top Recruiters – Living the Dream

    877 978 8266

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    Day 3 Build Your Support Team Look For People That ALWAYS Lift You Up 

    OOPS Days are a fact of life!

    Get over the fact that some days you just won’t be able to “Stick To IT” and MOVE ON!

    Yesterday, our twins turned 8!  It was an exciting day and I – The Mom, was in charge of ALL the Food.  Pancake Breakfast, for class mates- 57 hand dipped chocolate bananas with sprinkles whipped cream and a cherry, Pizza Dinner, and Two Cakes with two different kinds of Ice Cream.  And yup, you bet, I had an Oops Day!

    The important thing to know about oops days is that they Do Not erase everything.  They Do Not mean that you failed and You DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP!  

    Just start again and try to plan for he next oops day so that you will be better prepared.

    Sticking to a routine is the best way to begin to make changes that will last.  When you stick to a routine, you get stuck, and that can be a good thing if you are trying to improve your health for the long term.  It’s your goal to make ALL of these good choices habits for life!  So, use your tracking sheets!  Make Sticking to the calorie count rule of 400-600 calories on a shake days your routine.

    The Facts: Keeping your calories in check is important. Here is an example: If your goal is to drop a pound, which is 3,500 calories, in one week, aim to eat 300 fewer calories every day (300 x 7 = 2,100) while burning 300 calories from 20 minutes of daily exercise five times a week (300 x 5 = 1,500).  

    Remember that this is the easy part.  We are still just easing in to the Total Transformation challenge and NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR ROUTINE Down.  Remember, that It Will be these Little Changes that will Change Everything!  Record ALL of those little changes on the Tracking Sheets.  So, if you haven’t done it already- PRINT THEM!  Email if you still need them.

    Tomorrow is Day 3 for most of us, but it also Day 1 if you are just joining us the 1st 9 Day Sprint. Thursday and Friday are shake days for everybody and Saturday and Sunday WE CLEANSE!

    Tomorrow’s Task: You’re going to build your support system. You’re going to spend time with people you care about and ask them to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. Ask at least 3 people to be on your support team. These people should be people that you can count on. They should be people that when you are around them, they ALWAYS lift you up!

    To help you get started:

    First, make a list of all of the people who influence your behavior in Positive Ways—friends, family and co-workers.

    Second, if you haven’t told them about your plans to ‘get healthy’, share your plans with them today. Even though you will have the support of this contest, it’s easier when you have the people who care about you cheering you on too.

    Third, when you talk with your support team let them know:

    You are competing in a contest and that this represents your first step toward your a NEW- Healthier You.  Show them your Tracking Sheets and let them help you celebrate All the Smiles you have already collected!

    You want each person’s support to help keep you focused on your goals and honest, so ask them to check in with you regularly. If friends or family members have questions about what you doing, it might be helpful to show them the emails that you are receiving. As your support team gains understanding of the process, they’ll be better equipped to help you—and they may even decide to join you.

    Remember also that friends and family may not be enough.  You may need to reach out and get support.  You may find it here through these emails, on our Monday calls, through books or maybe you’ll take a look at youtube.  Here is one great example: Listen to the “Why  Guy”, Anthony Robbins. He has helped more than 3 Million people explore where they are today and to identify Why they are going to Make A Change Today! Here are two links, if you don’t click them ask yourself Why?




    Tony says, ”Successful people do what other people won’t!”  

    Joining the Total Transformation Challenge is was your first step towards success. By completing each task and ‘following the plan’, you will be ‘becoming successful’!  Congratulations on your continued commitment to your transformation! 

    Have a great time with tomorrows task.



    It’s not too late to jion us for this challenge.  Please share our email adress with anyone who is ready to start their own transformation –


    A few shares:

    I lost 20 pounds! “From the time I began, my outlook on life began to dramatically improve. I lost 20 pounds to a comfortable size 6.* My sugar cravings were gone. I began to sleep better – and the energy!”  – Debby E.

    “I have released 55 pounds, 53 inches and six sizes!* I have not consumed any desserts, candy or pasta of any kind since I started the program. The daily sugar cravings are gone!”- Marilyn T.


    Make this a day you are proud of!


    Gabby Gmyrek

    Isagenix Top Recruiter

    877 978 8266

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    Day 2 Cutting Nutritionally Deficient Foods and Adding High Protein Diet Foods 

    Today is April 10th and…

    WE ARE EMBARKING ON A VERY EXCITING JOURNEY!  Welcome to Day 2 of the Total Transformation Challenge!

    This journey will help you transform and experience good health, youthful vitality and healthy weight loss. To help reinforce healthier habits, you may wish to write about your journey in a daily journal. Write down your dreams, hopes, challenges and record your calorie intake.  This will both encourage you and keep you honest!  Start writing Now!

    Remember too that each participant in the Challenge is asked to Weight themselves each day. If you still need a tracking chart email

    You will also be keeping track of your good choices and prizes will be awarded to the those that stick to the plan and make great choices!  Our goal for the Total Transformation Challenge is to encourage you to Eat Healthy, so you will be asked to count  your calories and make good choices.  Both things that we already know are good for us, but we don’t always do.

    If, right know you know your are struggling with good choices and you are consume unhealthy foods, today is the day to begin reducing your intake of sugar, fatty, processed foods and even caffeine. Start this process by gradually cutting back on nutritionally deficient foods:

    • If you’re going out to lunch with co-workers, skip the cheeseburger and enjoy a grilled chicken salad with only half the dressing you normally use.
    • Substitute green tea or water for your second cup of coffee.
    • Instead of choosing a sugar cookie as a snack, eat a fresh pear or celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter.
    • Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
    • Whole-grain pasta is a delicious substitute for standard pasta.

    If doing everything at once feels too overwhelming, cut back on one unhealthy food every day until you’ve reached your goal. This gradual substitution will allow your palate and body to better adapt to a healthier diet, which will make it easier for for you to continue your Transformation!

    Try to really think about what you eat.  Remember the old saying, “You are what you eat!”  Well,  it’s true!  So, if you are currently facing the reality that putting unhealthy foods in your body gives you unhealthy results, today you will start doing something about it!! Today is the start of a NEW HEALTHY YOU!  Today you will CONTINUE your transformation!

    Watching this will help you quit some of those “Bad” foods – 

    WATCH IT NOW it will take you just 3:00 minutes:

    Now, let’s make sure you have a plan to follow and you have the cooking supplies that you will need.  Now is the time to run out for meal and snack preparations that you will need for the rest of the week.

    It’s a good idea to determine your snack and meal plan for the week now to reduce the opportunities to stray from the Challenge Guidelines.

    Here are some things to think about when you prepare your meals:

    High-protein diets have become a popular way to lose weight because emerging research has hinted that protein may be able to satisfy hunger better than either fats or carbohydrates.  WebMd says, “High-protein diets may help people lose weight — at least in the short term — because dieters tend to feel full longer when they eat more protein. This alone can cut down on snacking and lead to fairly rapid weight loss. Combine speedy weight loss with the satisfaction of feeling full, and it’s easy to understand why high-protein diets are popular. Unfortunately, many people gain back the weight once the diet ends.”

    Good choices include:

    Nuts, Yogurt, Beans of any kind,  Lean Cuts of Red Meat, Eggs(Hard Boiled is Best), Chicken w/out skin, Tofu, Pork Tenderloin, Fish of ANY kind and of course IsaLean Shakes and Bars.

    REMEMBER:  Everybody needs to Drink 80 oz of Water, Sleep 8 Hours and Exercise for at least 20 Minutes every day of the CHALLENGE!


    Today is a Shake Day.  Today you’ll have 2 Shakes and One Meal – 400-600 Calories, but Mark your calendar NOW! Saturday and Sunday WE CLEANSE!  So, get what you need now!

    HERE IS YOUR DAY PLANNER FOR Monday – Friday this week:


    When you wake up, drink 1–2 glasses of purified water. If you have Ionix Supreme now is the time for 1-2 oz and if you must 1 Cup Green Tea or other Tea is OK.  Coffee is not a great choice – sorry, but there are only 35 more days!


    Mix 2 scoops of IsaLean Shake with 8 oz. of purified water. Take 1 Natural Accelerator™ capsule.  Mid-morning

    Have a small snack.  Pick one option from the “Sensible Snack Ideas” chart in your Isagenix System Guide or from the Tips section below.  This snack should equal 100 calories or less.


    Many people following an Isagenix Program eat their meal during lunch to help break up the two shakes. If you prefer, you can eat your meal for dinner. Eat a balanced meal of 400-600 calories (400 if you are having snacks, 600 if you are not).  Protein, veggies and whole grains are great food options. Skip the butter or fatty dressings.


    If you’re hungry, have a piece of fruit, cucumber slices, 1 IsaDelight Plus, a few stalks of celery or a few unsalted raw almonds. Take one Natural Accelerator capsule with your snack or with water . 100 calorie max.


    You’ll either have your second shake or your meal for the day. See below for good meal and snack choices and then check out these recipes -> Low-Cal Entrees CLICK HERE.


    We want to make sure that you have made a list of all the healthy steps you will be take during the Challenge and all the snacks and foods you’ll need to have on hand.  If don’t have them already, this step is important and may take some extra time today.

    Here’s what you will need during the Challenge:

    Meals Ideas: SEE ABOVE

    Snack Ideas:   Losing weight is not easy.  It takes effort and commitment.  To ward off the hungries on Shake Days, having fresh and easy snacks that are low cal and healthy is essential.  Try these yummy favorites!

    • 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt topped with 1 Tbsp. IsaCrunch
      ½ cup 1% fat cottage cheese topped with 1 Tbsp.  3 slivered raw almonds or 4 cherry tomatoes
      1 hard boiled egg with no salt
      10 raw almonds soaked in water in the fridge over night
      Whole wheat sesame flat bread  topped with ½ Tbsp. all-natural peanut butter
      3 oz. tuna or salmon, packed in water, served with 1 sliced plum tomato and drizzled with fresh lemon juice
      ½ cup steel-cut oats topped with ½ cup fresh berries
      1 cup blueberries, strawberries or raspberries and 1 brown rice cake
      ½ cup red and yellow pepper, celery, or carrot strips dipped into  4 Tbsp. humus
      1 cup mixed melon balls (cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew) topped with 1/4 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt
      1 brown rice cake topped with ½ Tbsp. raw almond butter
      ½ a sliced apple or pear with 5 walnut halves
      1 navel orange with ½ cup nonfat plain yogurt
      Also try IsaDelights and Isagenix Slim Cake Cookies!

    Cleanse Day Support Options for Saturday and Sunday:  The less snacking the better but if you have to here are a few options-

      • 1 to 2 IsaDelight Plus can be taken twice daily 30 minutes before eating Isagenix Snacks! or two hours after.
        Important: the amino acids in IsaDelight Plus encourage natural production of mood-elevating brain chemicals which can help satisfy appetite. Amino acids found in protein from foods can interfere, so IsaDelight Plus should be consumed on an empty stomach.
      • For a boost of energy or to manage blood sugar, eat ¼ apple or pear.
      • 2 Raw almonds every 2 hours taste great with the IsaSnacks.
      • Try a hard boiled egg wrapped in a letus leaf if you really feel like you ‘can’t make it


    If you haven’t already, remember to:





    CONGRATULATIONS ON STARTING Your Total Transformation!!!


    Gabby Gmyrek

    Isagenix Top Recruiter

    877 978 8266

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    Day 1 Our Team has guided hundreds of people to greater health through Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing and now it’s your turn to make some change! 

    Welcome to the Challenge!  


    CONGRATULATIONS!  We are about to Totally Transform everything!  

    This is going to be a HUGE opportunity for transformation for ALL of US!

    We are going to have a lot of fun together!  Together we will experience the best health possible.  This 36 Day Transformation was designed to help you complete and improve your health by offering your tips, inspiration, product suggestions, videos and real success stories. Our Team has guided hundreds of people to greater health through Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing and now it’s your turn to make some change!

    The Total Transformation Challenge Emails will arrive almost every day for the next 36 days (just let us know if you want OFF the list) – explaining how to prepare for each day, how to follow the rules of the contest and/or how to use your products and what to do to achieve the greatest success.

    Today is your first day. To get started, make a list of healthy snacks and foods you’ll need to have on hand for Cleanse and Shake Days and stock up now.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

    We will be following a modified back to back 9 Day Program.  Monday – Friday this week will ALL be Shake Days.  Sat and Sun we Cleanse!   If you are following a single Isageix 9 Day Program, you will begin Thursday, April 12th!   For more information about what to expect and to view the 9-Day System Guide at

    Today It Begins!

    Today, is the first official day of the CHALLENGE and of an exciting process that will help you regain optimum health, REACH GOALS and maintain a healthy, long term weight loss plan.  Let’s get started!  Review the following Question and Answer Section and post your answers where you will be able to view them frequently.

    Let’s start with your ‘Why’?  What do you want to happen?

    I joined the Challenge to __________________________________________________________________

    My goal is to reach my target weight of _______________ and lose ________________ lbs by the end of the Challenge.

    I want to improve my current level of wellness in this/these areas:

    Exercise     Stress    Sleep   Lean Muscle Mass    Bad Habits   Energy Level   Relationships    Other _____________________

    NOW, if you haven’t followed these steps already PRINT OUT THE  RULES AND TRACKING SHEETS and if you still need them email   Then, weigh yourself, take your measurements, figure out your BMI and take your before picture.  Bikinis are a Favorite! By taking these steps, you will be creating a starting point to track your progress. You will need them to compare to the Transformed You at the end of the Challenge. Record your numbers on the tracking sheets and consider  journaling your daily caloric intake and record totals under “Stick To It”.  Then put away your scale and tape measure for a few days.  :)

    DAY 1 :  

    Today is a Shake Day.

    Pre Cleanse/Shake Days-

    You’ll drink two IsaLean® Shakes, eat one 400 – 600 calorie meal and you can have up to two healthy snacks.  The idea is to stay below 600 calories total.  So, you can one 600 calorie meal or one 400 calorie meal and two 100 calorie snacks.  This is a great way to break up the day and is recommended for athletes especially.

    AM 1 -2 ounces Ionix Supreme (not included in a 9 day cleanse)

    8:00  Shake and Nat. Accelerator

    12:00  Isagenix Snack (Optional) and Nat. Accelerator (Or 50 Calorie Healthy Snack)

    1:30  400 – 600 Calorie Meal (Split these calories up if you like)

    4:00  Isagenix Snack (Optional) (Or 100 Calorie Healthy Snack)

    6:00  Shake

    8:00  Isagenix Snack (Optional) (Or 50 Calorie Healthy Snack)

    9:00  1-2 Isa Flush (not included in a 9 day cleanse)

    REMEMBER Give yourself  a  :)   on the tracking sheet for the following accomplishments!


    Make sure you drink the proper amount of water for you. A general rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. A person who weighs 180 pounds should drink 90 ounces of water. We are only asking for 80 oz.


    Moderate exercise (20 – 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise) is recommended. Walking, bike-riding, running or swimming are great options. If you are not a regular exerciser, this may the best time to begin—Don’t wait!

    GET TO SLEEP- We are aiming for 8 hours of sleep a night.  Research shows that 8 hours provides the best weight loss results and reduces stress. Plan to get to bed early for the next few days.

    STICK TO IT-   2 IsaLean® Shakes, eat  400 – 600 additional calories.

    Notes for Isagenix Cleansers: It is important to follow the first few shake days schedule.

    These first few days are necessary and will help prepare your body for your first Cleanse Days.

    Theses first few days are an especially good time to reduce your caffeine, alcohol,

    salt and sugar consumption.

    Congratulations on investing in yourself and improving the quality of your health and life!


        • We look forward to helping you with the incredible transformation you’ll soon experience.

    Related articles


    All of the Total Transformation Challenge Details and Prizes are are talked about through email.  So…

    Email to enter if you haven’t already and then PRINT THE Tracking Sheets so that you can participate.


    Let us know if you have any questions and if you still need to ORDER ISAGENIX.

    Gabby Gmyrek

    Isagenix Top Recruiter

    877 978 8266

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