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    Where Can I Buy Isagenix? 

    Who Sells Isagenix?  Where can I get Isagenix?  Is Isagenix sold in stores?

    These are all great questions.  Here’s the answer:

    Isagenix can only be purchased from independent Isagenix Associates.

    Isagenix is not sold in stores.

    Isagenix Associates can not sell Isagenix on Ebay or in a store front.

    The easiest way to Buy Isagenix is online on your own computer.  Just go http://www.CleanseMyself.com

    There are 3 ways to Buy Isagenix:

    You can buy Retail, but don’t. You will be paying way too much.  For example -For a 9 Day Program it’s $174 plus tax and shipping if you buy retail.  Total $174 plus tax and shipping.  If order the 30 Day program it’s $374 plus tax and shipping if you buy retail.  Total $374 plus tax and shipping.

    The next option is to become a Perferred Customer. It’s like joining Costco, Sams Club or B.J.’s.  You’ll get low pricing and you can come and go as you please and order what you want when you want.  For example, if you order the 9 day it’s $139 plus tax and shipping if you sign up.  Sign up costs $39.  Total $178 plus tax and shipping. If you want a 30 Day Program, it would be $299 plus tax and shipping if you sign up.  Sign up costs $39.  Total $338 plus tax and shipping.

    That’s big savings over retail and  a good way to go if you don’t like commitment, but to save the most money when you buy Isagenix the best way to go is to become a Associate Member.

    Here’s how much you will save: For the 9 Day Program it’s $130 plus tax and shipping if you sign up and get autoship (which can be canceled or delayed by you at anytime.) Sign up with autoship is $19.  Total $149 plus tax and shipping.  For the 30 Day Program it’s $260 plus tax and shipping if you sign up and get autoship (which can be canceled or delayed by you at anytime.) Sign up with autoship is $19.  Total $279 plus tax ad shipping.  This is a huge savings and they make the membership easy to manipulate your orders so that you can still get only what you want when you want it.

    To order now or to learn more about pricing for all Isagenix products CLICK HERE.


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    10 Steps to Help Chiropractors Introduce Isagenix in Their Offices 

    Isagenix Chiropractic Office Implementation:

    The first thing Chiropractor’s will have to do is to get the buzz and excitement going with your staff by signing up a few of Staff members in Isagenix with a Men’s, Women’s or 30 Day Program.  This small investment will be the best thing you can do to train and get you staff on board.  (Think Biggest Loser – Everyone loves a contest !)

    Step 1:

    • Chiropractor selects a person to be Nutritional/Wellness Director for office
    • Your  Nutritional Director may be your spouse or any other motivated staff member, patient or it may even be you yourself.
    • Doctor orders and stocks the following products
    • 2 Men’s pacs and 2 Women’s Pacs
    • 2 30 Day programs

    -2 9 Day programs

    Step 2:

    • Doctor recommends for every appropriate patient at Report of Findings (ROF) either the Isagenix 9 or 30 program or the Men’s or Women’s pac.

    -For patients who are already at ideal weight choose the Men’s or Women’s pacs.

    -For those that need to lose more than 10 pounds chose the 30 day program.  They may order an extra bottle of cleanse and begin the month like a 9 day and finish it like a 30 day.

    -For those that have  less than 10 pounds to lose or for those that are looking for a deep body cleanse choose the 9 day program.

    Step 3:

    • Schedule patient separate 30 minute nutritional appointment at conclusion of ROF with the Nutritional Director.  Nutritional Director is to set patient up on the Men’s or Women pac or 9 or 30 Day Programs as recommended by the Doctor.

    Step 4:

    At the nutritional appointment, patient purchases and is provided with their Isagenix products (Men’s or Women’s Pac or the 9 or 30 day programs)

    -Have them show short 10 min. Isagenix DVD (Are you toxic?)  After viewing, ask patient if any questions.

    -Explain each product is given and how to use it -‘What to When”.

    -Patient assisted with filling out Isagenix “Daily  Tracking”

    -Personal weight loss goals set (if appropriate)

    Step 5:

    • All patients signed up as Associates and placed on autoship

    -Associate benefits discussed

    1. Wholesale pricing

    2. Patient has their own website for ease of ordering products

    3. Sharing Opportunity Inrtoduced

    Step 6:

    • Patient assisted in filling out application and going online to set up their website and autoship designed to help them reach their goals

    Step 7:

    • For each patient that’s sold and provided Isagenix pac or program during their nutritional appointment, immediately order another replacement kit and drop ship back to Doctors office to keep inventory stocked.

    Step 8:

    • The Nutritional Director takes copies of notes regarding program and goals for inclusion in patients file.  Nutritional Directors phone number andIsagenix business card stapled on it for any needed coaching or assistance.

    Step 9:

    • Patient is scheduled for follow-up nutritional appointment with the Nutritional Director

    o Retake photo (if appropriate)

    o Record new measurements and weight in 30 days

    o Review on progress of personal goals (praise and recognize progress)

    o Direct patient to continue with the appropriate program and be excited about their results and to tell their friends about their results

    o Discuss the Isagenix Business Opportunity with the patient (if appropriate) and benefits of such:

    1. Income and/or pay for own Isagenix products

    Step 10:

    • 3, 5, 10 and 20 days after initial nutritional appointment, Nutritional Director calls patient to check on their progress and to answer any questions.

    Now that you have seen how easy Introducing Isagenix can be in your office, it’s time to take your first step – Join the Isagenix Living Dream Team!  Call 877 978 8266 or visit http://www.CleanseMyself.com

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    How To Get Paid With ISAGENIX 

    You are a Star in my book, but not yet in Isagenix!

    The Silver and Golden Circle recognition program recognizes Consultants and Executives for reaching new milestones in their weekly Isagenix income.

    Here’s how it works:

    1-Star  10 Cycles      500/wk

    2-Star  20 Cycles      1000/wk

    3-Star  40 Cycles      2000/wk

    4-Star  60 Cycles     3000/week

    5-Star  100 Cycles   5000/week

    6-Star  200 Cycles   10,000/week

    7-Star  400 Cycles   20,000/week

    8-Star  600 Cycles   30,000/week

    9-Star  800 Cycles   40,000/week

    10-Star 1,000 Cycles 50,000/week+

    If you are not on the fast growing team in Isagenix – Join Us at http://www.CleanseMyself.com

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    How to Start Your Isagenix Business 

    There are a million ways to start your Isagenix business.  Finding the right way for you depends on your past experiences and successes.  By being a member of  the Isagenix Living Dream Team we will help you identify your strengths and capitalize on them.

    Where to get started:

    Every Wednesday for a limited-time starting September 15, you’ll have the chance to join a special Webinar and call with your team member that shares what Isagenix® is all about, our compensation plan and how you can create an extra stream of residual income.

    This call was created to give you a quick, turnkey approach to sharing how Isagenix is redefining the network marketing industry and will be hosted by Isagenix top leaders and Vice President of Sales Travismm Garza.

    Get your business started!!!

    Set an appointment for Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Pacific Time

    If your already on the team you can get the call information in your Back Office Library’s “Call Schedule & Archive” section.  If not please go to http://www.CleanseMyself.com and Save On Isagenix!

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    Why Networking and Social Marketing Work 

    The Old school Networking Model of  ‘belly to Belly’ sales may have given your uncle Morice a bad reputation as a ‘used cars salesmen’, but it worked.  Millionaires were created this way and fortunes continue to made with good old fashion meet ups in coffee shops.

    But Sales is not a profession that everyone is comfortable with.  Until, recently nearly 97% of Networkers failed in this business model.  They simply lacked the courage to go out into the world and talk/meet/share with enough people to make a living.


    The failure rate is all of a sudden changing.  With a bad economy and other factors, new entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses in record numbers and they are succeeding like never before in Network Marketing.


    The Fear Factor was removed!  People are communicating like never before on the WEB and they never have to leave their home office or change out of their slippers.

    Advances in technology have prompted more people to start their own businesses, according to a 2009 survey by Microsoft. They surveyed entrepreneurs, 70% of which were employed when they took the plunge and went off on their own, who credited things like cloud computing and mobile technology as reasons they were able to start a business.

    “The goal is have the flexibility to communicate wherever and whenever with the understanding [of] the need to maintain relationships,” said TJ DiCaprio, director of US EPG Marketing Initiatives at Microsoft. That could mean laptops with more visual and audio elements.

    “We need to be able to feel close to each other.”  Without actually being with each other!

    Let’s have coffee.  Friend on Facebook at http://www.CleanseMyself.com/fb

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    Who Will Be Isagenix’s Next Top Earner? 

    Who will be Isagenix’s Next Top Earner?

    Find out by watching:     The Next Entrepreneurs

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    Isagenix Living Dream Team- Here is Your Last Chance to Get Paid EVERYDAY! 

    Getting paid EVERY DAY with Isagenix sounds pretty good.  So how do you do it?

    Easy!!!  Get Paid EVERY DAY on top of your weekly Isagenix pay check by following these


    To earn daily $80 bonuses with Isagenix, all you have to do to qualify is:

    1.) Maintain your active Associate status
    2.) Enroll a new Associate on Autoship
    3.) Help that new Associate purchase our Pacesetter Pak
    4.) Next, watch your bonuses roll in! Our Pacesetter Pak is the best way for you to build a thriving business.

    This special promotion is only available until September 13, so take advantage of this extra cash incentive while you still can!

    To Join the team visit http://www.CleanseMyself.com TODAY and get paid EVERY DAY!!!

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    How to Make A Successful Marketing and Sales Calls For Your Isagenix Business 

    Improving Your Isagenix Business:

    In the network marketing and sales professions many sales are lost within the first twenty seconds of the pitch.

    When it comes to executing a telephone sales presentation many people are lost. Successful salespeople will greet customers with warmth and let their personality naturally sell themselves as a person first. The buyer, in many cases, decides first, before even hearing about the products and systems, if you are a person he or she would like to do business with.

    When the telephone sales process is not successful it is typically because the person making the call fails to connect with the prospect quickly using a rapport building greeting and opening. The worst part is that the potential customer remains on the line and hears you out already having made up his or her mind to say no at the end of the presentation. Its a loss of energy, time and a potential new Isagenix Associate when the result could have been different with the correct approach at the very beginning of the pitch.

    Prospective Isagenix Associates and decision makers sometimes do not buy because of the failure of the salesperson to connect both emotionally and rationally with prospect during the pitch. Successful sales people will use both their heart and their head to make the sales.

    As a salesperson you will be successful to the degree buyers…

    • 1) Like you.
    • 2) Believe you.
    • 3) Trust you.

    Buyers subconsciously have a built-in meter that is measuring how you rate in these three critical areas. Your job as an Isagenix Independent Associate is to register as high as possible in these areas.

    Top Recruiters also ask the appropriate questions at the right time while “selling the sizzle” and not the steak. Sell the benefits of the Isagenix products and systems to your prospect as opposed to selling them on the actual ingredients of the product.

    Your questions should be designed to expose the prospects “unsolved problems”. You always want to talk about the end result benefits of following an Isagenix Program as it relates to your prospects “unsolved problem”. Doing so will make the task of rebutting less of a struggle because there will be less sales resistance at the end of the pitch when you ask to sign up.

    If you desire to increase your skill level or your marketing organization’s skill level on the phone contact me at http://www.WebWealthy.Isagenix.com.   I will provide you with the training that transforms mediocre marketers into sales superstars.  Welcome to the TEAM!

    Walter Bell - EzineArticles Expert Author
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    Why do so many Hard Working People FAIL in Network Marketing? 

    It’s NOT because they’re not trying hard enough… or because their “warm market” is too small or that they don’t know enough people… or even because they’re not spending enough money on ‘quality’ leads.

    To discover the how your TOP Top Distributors add associates into their Isagenix TEAM every single week WITHOUT making lists, chasing friends and family, doing a home-party every Tuesday night, or wasting money on expensive “opportunity-seeker” leads – READ ON!

    Here’s How The Top Leaders In Network Marketing And Isagenix Succeed-

    To Succeed in Isagenix:

    DO NOT try to figure out the business on your own.  Use your upline.  Find the most successful person in your Upline and ask them to mentor you.

    Face Facts and realize that it can take several months of dedication before you make your first $1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 a month, but it can happen.

    KEEP IN MIND that it is NOT your fault, it’s YOUR Opportunity and YOUR SUCCESS or Failure is up to  NO one but YOU.

    DO NOT Believe the HYPE. THERE IS NOT MAGIC SPELL OF CONSPIRACY.  Everyone who is successful in Network Marketing has had to work for “IT“.

    Do NOT give up and Do NOT let anyone tell you TRY something else.  THE TRUTH is Isagenix one of the best opportunities in Network Marketing, combining  health and wealth with products that really change lives.

    The Isagenix STORY:

    When people first hear about the Isagenix opportunity as an Independent Associate, they can not sleep at night because they are so excited!  It is that clear, right from the start, that Isagenix absolutely has something to offer EVERY “BODY”!

    This is BIG business OPPORTUNITY.  So, Wake up to reality if you want to make it in the Isagenix MLM game…

    Go Ahead… I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU To Check The Facts For Yourself.  Isagenix will stand up to your research.  In fact, if you really do the research it will only solidify your belief in the company and the products. Go… Go ahead…

    Deep down your gut is telling ISAGENIX is “It” and you’re looking for some straight answers from a genuine professional on how to start your business.  It’s a great company with high integrity and, yeah, SOME people absolutely make LOTS of money with Isagenix.


    So, how is it done?  How can you earn a lot of money with Isagenix?

    You have to find the Right TEAM and then You have to LEARN that there is NO way you can ever become successful chasing people down and talking to them one-on-one.  Do the math, You would need to meet (and give my full ‘pitch’ to) something like 10- 30 NEW people every single day, 365 days a year, for YEARS to be truly successful.

    The Math:  That’s a lot of people!

    Statistically, You will have to talk almost ever hour of everday to reach those kinds of numbers.  So… How do the really suceesful people do it?

    Simple, learn how to attract people to YOU …and LOTS of them – THIS is the key, and it’s exactly how the top 1% are doing it!  Discover and create ways to attract more NEW people to you every single DAY, that will be asking you about your Isagenix opportunity.

    Yes, IT is actually possible.

    Yes, it took us a while to learn how to successfully attract people but, now, we NEVER bug  friends and family.

    Begging and trying to ‘convince’ people is NOT the way to grow your Isagenix business.  BIG GUYS like Wal-Mart do not BEG people to shop with them.  They ATTRACT people to shop with them.   ATTRACT people to you and to Isagenix.

    Marketing is both an Art and a Science… Bugging people is NOT marketing.

    Unfortunately, there is NO “quick fix” or a “magic approach” that will compel perfect strangers to suddenly join you in Isagenix.


    Do you want to be there? JOIN the Living Dream Team NOW:

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    What’s in YOUR Residual Income?? Can you trust it to be there when you need it? 

    Would you like to have income that comes in whether you are able to work that week or not?
    With Isagenix you’re paid on your residual income, fair and square.  Giving you the flexibility to work when you are able, and focus on other things (like children, traveling, etc.) when you can’t. It’s all up to you.

    If you have questions please visit our Business Site below or if you are ready to take the next step call us at 877 978 8266.

    See You At The Top,

    The Living Dream Team


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