The best and easiest way to make a sale is to be where prospects are looking

The Holiday Season is Here and it’s a time when they both men and women alike begin to tighten the purse strings on grown up indulgences and save every penny for their kiddos ‘wish list’.   As a result,  the Holiday Season rushes on and many Direct Marketers find that it’s harder than ever to make a buck with ‘same old, same old’ marketing techniques.

Historically, Direct Sales Companies and their Representatives take a hit during the Holiday Season.  Often their ‘personal use products’ just don’t make to Santa Letters.  Another contributing factor to the decline income for both Associates and the companies that they represent is that the associates fall victim to the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season just like everyone else and there’s less and less time for productivity; Prospecting, Opportunity Meeting, Home Parties etc.

Home-Based-Business entrepreneurs often need to be creative during the Holiday Season just to stay above water.  And Smarter too, because they only have time to work a little, as time is stretched thin.  Selling success demands that you get new people to talk to all the time —it  is entrepreneurial in nature, with earnings that depend not  only on one’s drive, personality and sales savvy, but also in your ability to cleverly and continually produce new quality prospects even when both you and they are too ‘limited’ to take the time to talk.

The experienced Direct Sales Associate recognises that the industry is cyclical in nature just like everything else and that riding the wave is important, but that staying on top and not drowning or losing your board all together is what will make the biggest difference to their business.  The inventive know that the best and easiest way to make a sale is to be where prospects are looking, to put yourself in front of a large audience that asked to come and hear what they wanted to say.  

So how is that done when everyone is at the mall?

Easy! Reports say that nearly 46.7% of all holiday shopping tasks, including those sales for Network Marketing Company products, checking prices, researching and buying products, will happen online this season and more consumers will make purchases with online retailers this year than last.  That’s where you want to be!  

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